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WAINGAPU, KOMPAS.com - The Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara or NTT is set to diversify its tourism industry, as its East Sumba Regency founded eight heritage villages to highlight the best of its natural and cultural legacy.

"We designated the communities according to the main tourism draw of each region, whether it be natural, cultural or maritime," said Destinations and Tourism Division head of East Sumba Regency's Tourism and Culture Services Yudi TT Rawambaku.

"We based their establishment on a 2020 decree issued by the East Sumba Regency," he added to Kompas.com, Tuesday, June 15.

Here are East Sumba's eight heritage villages, as listed according to their tourism potential.

Nature tourism villages

Wairinding Hill natural tourism area, Pambota Njara Village, Waingapu District, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.Kompas.com/DOKUMEN YUDI UMBU T T RAWAMBAKU Wairinding Hill natural tourism area, Pambota Njara Village, Waingapu District, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

  •  Pambota Njara 

Located in the Waingapu District, the village of Pambota Njara stood out for its cultural and natural wonders.

"[Pambota Njara] is renowned for the Kambera pattern weave cloth or ikat tenun Kambera," Yudi asserted. "But most of all, it is close to the Wairinding Hills natural tourism area."

  • Tandula Jangga Village  

Located in Ori Angu District, the village of Tandula Jangga is noted for its proximity to Menggit waterfall. Officials hope that its location would do wonders for the area. 

Cultural heritage villages

The process of making traditional ikat and songket weaving from East Sumba in Watu Hadang Village, Umalulu District.KOMPAS.com/DOKUMEN YUDI UMBU T T RAWAMBAKU The process of making traditional ikat and songket weaving from East Sumba in Watu Hadang Village, Umalulu District.

  • Watu Hadang Village

Located in Umalulu District, the village of Watu Hadang has much by way of tourism, not least agro-tourism. Stop by the nearby heritage village of Praiyawang to see traditional fabrics such as ikat woven cloth and East Sumba songket, from Umalulu and the nearby district of Rindi.

One can also head to the Plaimalamba-Watu Pelitu traditional village to take in traditional dances, sample Mangulu and Kaparak local foods, and cool off at the Waimarang Waterfall.

  • Mondu Village

Located in Kanatang District, the village of Mondu has its share of wonders. They include the Prainatang heritage village. Here, one can see how the Kanatang variety of ikat cloth is made. 

The region's coast is worth a stop, as it features sights like Tanggedu Waterfall the beaches of Kaparty and Puru Kambera.

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The Mondu Village Savanna is also a popular tourist destination in more ways than one. Located near Mondu, the plains are popular with photographer, couples looking for pre-wedding shot locales, and riding the local Ronggeng Horse.

"The [Ronggeng] horses can do more than offer rides," Yudi said. "They can also dance to traditional musical instruments."

  • Kaliuda Village

The village of Kaliuda in Pahunga Lodu District stands out because of its eponymous ikat woven cloth weaving. The Tandening Savanna is a good place for one to cut their equestrian skills.

The nearby village of Kamaru, with its traditional Purru La Mananga traditional ritual is also worth checking out.

Maritime tourism villages

Sunset at Tarimbang Beach, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.KOMPAS.com / RODERICK ADRIAN MOZES Sunset at Tarimbang Beach, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

  • Lainjanji Village

The sea defines the village of Lainjanji, not least in its nearby attractions. Located in Wulla Waijelu District, the community has draws such as the beaches of Watu Parunu, Kalala and Wulla. The second is known to be ideal for tourism, while the third has great fishing. 

  • Tarimbang Village

Located in Tabundung District, the village of Tarimbang is known for its striking eponymously named beach, as well as the Pindu Harani Beach. The beaches are also known for their surfing.

Kambaru Beach and Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park are also ideal for exploration, while the age-old Repit Ana Au traditional ritual is worth a check.

  • Praimadita Village

Katundu and Waihungu beaches are two of a myriad of tourist draws for the village of Praimadita in Karera District.

The area has plenty of spots for snorkeling and diving. The beautiful outer islands of Salura, Mengkudu and Kotak are ideal for sighting dolphins, while the hot water springs of Nggongi Hill could provide an exhilarating outing. 

Getting there

Yudi pointed out that these villages are included in the East Sumba Tourism Trip Packages. The tour packages include city tours and excursions to areas in the north, east, southwest, west, and south .

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He added that the East Sumba Regency is building support facilities for these villages' services, even as the Regency administration is drafting the regulations for the communities.

But regardless of how much work needs to be done, these heritage villages are worth a check if one opts for roads less taken. 

(Writer: Ignasius Sara, Sumba Contributor | Editor : Ni Nyoman Wira Widyanti)



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