Indonesia Highlights: Papuan Mob Kills Two Indonesian Soldiers | Mob in Indonesia’s Lampung Province Burns Down A Police Station | Initial Attempts to Raise Sunken Indonesian Submarine Fails

May 19, 2021, 08.25 AM

Indonesian regional military intelligence chief Brigadier General I Gusti Danny Putu Nugraha is the highest profile fatality of the conflict, after insurgents in Puncak Jaya shot and killed him in an ambush at the end of April.


Mob in Indonesia’s Lampung Province Burns Down A Police Station

A mob in Indonesia’s Lampung Province have taken the law into their own hands in the most inapposite way, by setting fire to a police station at the South Lampung [Lampung Selatan] Regency on Tuesday, May 19. No casualties were reported in the incident.

An eyewitness to the fire recorded the crowd in Beringin village burning down the police station at the Candipuro district, and uploaded the footage. The video went viral and found its way to the WhatsApp instant messaging apps. A running narrative he provided discloses the arsons’ motives.

“The local [people] are furious about lawlessness and robbers operating unchecked,” he intoned in the 15-minute video. “So they took [their anger out] on the Candipuro police station by burning it.” He also noted that the hundreds strong mob cheered, as the flames spread through the police station.

The arson culminated month of protests by local people towards the police station, after they felt that the police was not taking enough action against the robbers. “The police neglected their duties, enabling the robbers to act freely in Beringin Village.”

Candipuro police station chief Police Commissioner Attendant Ahmad Hazuan confirmed “that the incident did occur. “However, we have yet to confirm whether all the arsonists are from Beringin Village or other areas,” he said.

He added that two firefighting trucks came and put out the flames. Ahmad denied the mob’s claim that the police are not doing enough to prevent crime. “We have been attempting to solve robberies and other lawlessness. We also constantly went on patrol to prevent crimes from happening.”



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