May 1, 2021, 07.57 PM

Limitations from the permit and inadequate facilities for religious activities prompted stalwarts in the Indonesian Muslim community to form the committee to construct a new mosque, which they aim to bring about soon.

The committee plans to sell the house on Wakemans Hill Avenue and to use the proceeds to buy land to build their mosque on. 

Based on the committee's calculations, the Wakemans Hill Avenue property is worth around Rp10.076 billion (£500,000 ). The committee also has funds of Rp5.038 billion (£250,000) in donations from private citizens in the UK, Indonesia and other countries.

"We estimate that we will need £750,000-1.25 million [Rp. 14.2-23.7 billion] to build the mosquen," Eko explained.

But he is optimistic that Indonesian Muslims in London can have a mosque to call their own, as his plan is supported by the Indonesian Embassy in London and the Indonesian Diaspora.

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Once built, the mosque will house the London IIC, which will consist of classrooms, a library and a business office. The edifice will have enough space to hold the five daily prayers, Friday prayers, as well as prayers for festive occasions like Eid Al-Fitr  and Eid Al-Adha.

Built for a maximum capacity of 500 people, Eko hoped the mosque can host Indonesian community activities, particularly sizeable gatherings, year-round.

The classrooms can hold classes on the education for young people, particularly for instruction in the al-Qur'an and Islam. Eko and other organizers hope they will serve as a kind of madrassa for Indonesian children and adolescents in London.

A view of Big Ben and Westminster Bridgedok. | Prochasson Frederic A view of Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

The mosque organizers hope that business units in the mosque, such as halal restaurants, grocery stores, and Muslim clothing stores, can contribute to its operational upkeep.


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