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April 18, 2021, 06.47 PM

KOMPAS.COM - The usual principle law of the harvest may not apply to Suyamto, a farmer in Klaten regency in Indonesia's Central Java. When farmers will reap what they sow, the story of Suyamto, who is also the head of Tumpukan Village, turns out otherwise. 

Since the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has spread globally causing economic impact to many people, including the livelihoods of the farmers in Suyamto's village, he decided to share the harvest yields produced from the land that is part of the village assets with other villagers. 

The 63-year grassroots leader is delighted to share all of the harvest yields from the village treasury lands that are allocated for the village head.

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"I plant the paddy rice, but others will harvest them and they can take [the rice] home sufficiently," TribunSolo quoted Suyamto as saying on Friday, April 16.

So far, this has happened five times since the first harvest as he wants to help lessen the burden on the villagers who are affected by the pandemic. 

"I've given all of the harvest yields five times to the villagers to help their economy," he said.

Over the past year, Suyamto saw that the pandemic hit the economy of the people badly. His heart was touched then he decided to give free rice as part of the religious charities.

"I couldn't give much but I do this with a sincere heart. And the production of other crops turn out well," he said.

Suyamto said that he had only worked on a-1,700-meters paddy field, but the yields are quite a lot. 


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Baca berita tanpa iklan. Gabung
Baca berita tanpa iklan. Gabung


Baca berita tanpa iklan. Gabung
Baca berita tanpa iklan. Gabung
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