July 26, 2020, 09.09 PM
Damn! I Love Indonesia and Elements Sepeda Kemerdekaan Damn! I Love Indonesia X Element Damn! I Love Indonesia and Elements Sepeda Kemerdekaan

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The folding bike catches the viewer’s attention, not least because of its color scheme. The black seat, handlebar as well as front wheel effortlessly give way to a white and red frame, an element strikingly highlighted in the rim of the back wheel.

The year 1945, which marks Indonesia's declaration of independence, is emblazoned near the frame, as are the pictures of country’s first President Soekarno and his Vice President Muhammad Hatta.

A glance is enough to show that nationalism is now a part of the equation in Indonesia’s renewed love affair with bicycles.

This is the statement that the bike’s manufacturer, Indonesian fashion startup Damn! I Love Indonesia, set out to make.

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“The [folding bicycle] is named Sepeda Kemerdekaan [Independence Bike]]. It is launched ahead of [Indonesia’s] Independence Day [on August 17],” said Damn! I Love Indonesia CEO Daniel Mananta.

A collaboration between Damn! I Love Indonesia and Indonesian folding bike manufacturer Element, Sepeda Kemerdekaan epitomized its manufacturers’ vision.

“[Damn! I Love Indonesia] always strives to be a platform for young people to show their patriotism through their lifestyle,” Daniel added. “It is only fitting that we made Sepeda Kemerdekaan, as cycling is recently making a comeback as a lifestyle trend.”

Standing on 20-inch wheels and RD Sensah Empire shifters, the bike’s FoldX X-Lite alloy fork and frame make it a sturdy, trim and aesthetically pleasing platform to celebrate its nationalist message.

Detail of Sepeda Kemerdekaan with Soekarnos likenessDamn! I Love Indonesia X Element Detail of Sepeda Kemerdekaan with Soekarnos likeness

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