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Sudden Death of Over 800 Pigs in Indonesia Sparks Concern

July 4, 2020, 12.25 AM

PALEMBANG, – Around 878 pigs suffered from sudden death in the Indonesian town of Palembang in South Sumatera. 

Veterinarians discovered the phenomenon just as Indonesia braces for a new strain of African Swine Fever that has sparked concerns worldwide over its pandemic potential.

Palembang’s pig deaths were an accumulated total over the past two months.

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The chairman of Veterinarians in Indonesia Association’s South Sumatera branch, Jafrizal, was only notified of the 878 pig deaths on July 2.

The association first raised their suspicions after noticing an increase in the supply of tofu waste, a common feed for pigs.

What followed was further research on the number of pigs in selected areas including Talang Buruk, Alang-Alang Lebar Regency, Talang Keramat, Sei Hitam, Ilir Barat Satu Regency, Palembang, and Talang Kelapa Regency in Banyuasin.

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“Farmers did not report this to us, that there were hundreds of pigs that died,” said Jafrizal.

The association took feces and blood samples whereas the dead pigs have all been buried by farmers.

“Lampung’s Veterinary Hall is still looking into the phenomenon. However, there is a strong suspicion that it is swine flu. The report may have stated 878 pigs, but it is likely that the figure is in the thousands,” said Jafrizal.

Animals only

According to Jafrizal, for now, the African Swine Flu virus can only be transmitted among animals.

Thus, farmers have emptied their stables and not carry out any activity for the next three months. The goal is to create a sterile environment once again.

“This virus stays on the stable for a very long time,” said Jafrizal.


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