June 8, 2021, 02.36 AM
Balinese HIndus celebrate Galungan at the Aditya Jaya Temple in Rawamangun, East Jakarta on Wednesday (14/4/2021). KOMPAS.com/GARRY LOTULUNGBalinese HIndus celebrate Galungan at the Aditya Jaya Temple in Rawamangun, East Jakarta on Wednesday (14/4/2021).

BALI, KOMPAS.com – The General Election Commission or KPU branch for the Indonesian province of Bali voiced reservations about the scheduling of the 2024 Presidential Elections, as the race coincides with Galungan, a major Balinese Hindu holiday in the resort island

 “The 2024 election falls on February 28, the same day as Galungan. We urge the government, the KPU’s Central Office and Parliament to reschedule the election before it turns into a fiasco in Bali,” said KPU head for Bali I Dewa Agung Gede Lidartawan to Kompas.com on Monday.

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“For many Hindus in Bali, Galungan is just like Eid al Fitr or Idul Fitri for Muslims or Christmas for Christians, so to hold election day on that occasion will result in very low voter turnout. Likewise nobody will want to organize the election.”

KPU Bali Branch head I Dewa Agung Gede LIdartawanKOMPAS.com/Ach. Fawaidi KPU Bali Branch head I Dewa Agung Gede LIdartawan

Lidartawan is certain that the government will consider his request. “One of the options we offered is to move the elections forward by two weeks from February 28 to February 14, 2024. February 14 is Valentine’s Day, so it is easily recognized by the public.”

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He hoped that the theme of love will keep the losing parties from acting out their frustrations and causing unrest.

The government, Parliament’s Commission II on Domestic Governance, Regional Autonomy, State Apparatus and Agrarian Affairs and the KPU have agreed to hold the Presidential and Legislation Elections on February 28, 2024, before the KPU’s Bali branch raised its objections.

(Writer: Ach. Fawaidi Bali Contributor Bali | Editor : Pythag Kurniati)



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