April 24, 2021, 07.48 AM
The crew of the KRI Nanggala-402 at their base in Surabaya, East Java Wednesday  (20/4/2019) Antara FotoThe crew of the KRI Nanggala-402 at their base in Surabaya, East Java Wednesday (20/4/2019)

KOMPAS.com – The Indonesian military or TNI’s hopes of finding the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala-402 is fading fast, as the vessel’s oxygen reserves is estimated to run out on Saturday, April 24.

Indonesian Navy vessels and their foreign counterparts scouring waters off the northern coast of Bali have yet to find the German-made attack submarine as of 3 in the morning of Saturday, April 24.

Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono estimated that vessel has 72 hours of oxygen left, since it lost contact with base in Surabaya, East Java on Wednesday, 3 am.

The Indonesian military is currently focusing its hopes to find a breakthrough in the search on the Celukan Bawang Bali maritime Gap.

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“We have found nine points that might give away [KRI Nanggala-402’s] location 40 kilometers south of Celukan Bawang, where we found oil spills as well as strong magnetic fields,” said TNI spokesman Major General Achmad Riad on Friday.

Indonesian Navy vessels mustered to search for KRI Nanggala-402, among them the KRI Dr. Soeharso-990, KRI Rimau and the brand new submarine KRI Alugoro-405, will be joined by the Singaporean Navy submarine rescue ship MV Swift Rescue.

The United States also ordered the US Air Force reconnaissance P-8 aircraft to search for the KRI Nanggala-402, which is thought to sink to a depth of 600 to 700 meters. The US aircraft is thought to arrive in the early hours of Saturday, April 24.

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Among those holding on to hope are Navy Lieutenant Colonel Ansori, KRI-Nanggala-402’s former commanding officer. “Like other crews manning ships and aircraft, the crew of the KRI Nanggala-402 is instructed to survived to deal with emergencies.”


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