December 1, 2020, 07.59 PM – The West Java city of Bandung is a favorite destination for Jakarta residents due to its proximity and vendors selling top-notch Indonesian food.

There is never enough time to complete a culinary adventure in the city because there are plenty of hidden gems when it comes to places to eat in Bandung.

Whether it is a modern or traditional take on Indonesian food, this historic West Javan city has got it all as food vendors make use of culinary influences from Chinese-Indonesian staples into their popular meals.

There is one dish that stands out particularly from the city and that is bakmi or Indonesian noodles.

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It might sound simple, but in this part of town, visitors are offered anything from Indonesian chicken noodles to Indonesian beef noodle soup while longstanding food vendors selling the dishes are more than happy to cater to your cravings. has curated the best bakmi locations in Bandung for you to try.

1. Mie Baso Akung

As one of the legendary places to eat in Bandung since it opened in the 1970s, this bakmi stall was also featured in the hit Indonesian film "Dilan 1990".

Located at Jalan Lodaya Nomor 123, Buahbatu, the owners serve up the top three ultimate stars of their menu namely: Indonesian chicken noodles, Indonesian meatball soup, and Indonesian noodle soup topped with savory ground chicken.

At this food stall, you can choose between a half-portion and whole portion depending on how hungry you are. You can also choose the level of sweetness of your noodles.

2. Mie Naripan

When it comes to uber well-known places to eat in Bandung for bakmi, Mie Naripan, located at Jalan Naripan, takes the cake where the food stall has been going strong since it first opened in 1965.

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Their homemade noodles are the highlight of this Indonesian food stall where the owners use a recipe that has been passed on from one generation to the next.

There are two special noodle dishes at Mie Naripan namely its Naripan Chicken Noodles or Naripan Noodle Soup.

The broth of their noodle dishes tastes rather bland, but it gives the owners the ideal base to strive to highlight the best flavors of the ingredients which have been a decades-long success.


3. Mih Kocok Mang Dadeng

To get the best mie kocok or Indonesian beef noodle soup in Bandung, you must stop by this food stall.

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Mie bocok is a noodle dish that is quintessentially Bandung and comprises of bean sprouts, beef tendons, and yellow noodles poured over with a savory broth.

Mih Kocok Mang Dadeng is located at Jalan Banteng and the owner uses 27 different spices in their broth which gives it a distinct flavor.

4. Toko You

Toko You has been around since 1947 and is one of the best places to eat in Bandung for Indonesian food at its Jalan Hasanudin, Coblong location.

While the small restaurant offers a varied menu of items, their bakmi selections have emerged as the top sellers where you can choose between noodles, vermicelli, or flat rice noodles.

There are also other tantalizing Indonesian food delicacies you shouldn’t miss at Toko You such as their Indonesian meatball soup, wontons, and siomai.

5. Mie Rica Kejaksaan

For the foodies who love spicy food, Mie Rica Kejaksaan will surely quell your cravings.

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Since its opening in the 1960s, this food eatery in Bandung has successfully catered to noodle lovers who adore a spicy twist.

Located at Jalan Kejaksaan, visitors can choose their spicy Indonesian noodle dish with various meat varieties including chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, and more.

Those are’s top five places to eat in Bandung for your bakmi fix and if we’ve enticed you enough, then let us remind you to adhere to Covid-19 health protocols when visiting any of the Indonesian food eateries.

(Writer: Anissa Dea Widiarini | Editor: Agung Dwi E)


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