July 21, 2021, 03.20 PM

KOMPAS.com – During the Covid-19 pandemic, governments impose policies restricting people’s movement to contain the spread of the virus. Most countries, including Indonesia, have closed their borders to travelers, except for business trips.

The restrictions have affected various sectors such as tourism. Tourist operators around the globe, however, came up with an alternative by offering virtual tours of popular tourist attractions. The idea was well-received.

With the closing of tourist destinations, nowadays people take advantage of the internet to visit places that are on the bucket list.

One of the social media platforms used for virtual tours is TikTok via the accounts of travel influencers. Usebounce.com on June 3 recorded several must-visit vacation destinations in the world based on the hashtags used for the names of the tourist destination.

Here is the list of the popular virtual tours:

New York, the US

Videos that used the popular hashtag #NYC managed to attract 216 billion viewers. As culture is part of the lifeblood of New York, the city houses skyscrapers such as Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, and famous theatre stages in the world.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE has been a very popular tourist destination for the past several decades. Dubai has been ranked the second most visited place for the popular virtual tours via TikTok, luring a total of 37 billion viewers.

The city offers famous hotels, shops, luxury restaurants, as well as ultramodern buildings, and vibrant nightlife entertainment.

Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque is one of the famous tourist destinations in Istanbul, Turkey. REUTERS via BBC IND0NESIA Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque is one of the famous tourist destinations in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, Turki

Istanbul, which beats London and Paris in the list, has been ranked third with total viewers of 17 billion in TikTok. Located between Europe and Asia, the architectural style in Istanbul represents many kingdoms that had ruled throughout its history, including Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque and Hippodrome of Constantinople.

Bali, Indonesia

In the list, Bali has been ranked 12th, placing in between Los Angeles and Chicago.

This is a complete list of the 50 popular tourist destinations for virtual tours in TikTok:

1. New York City, the US
2. Dubai, UAE
3. Istanbul, Turkey
4. London, the UK
5. Barcelona, Spain
6. Paris, France
7. Mumbai, India
8. Hawaii, the US
9. Miami, the US
10. Toronto, Canada
11. Los Angeles, the US
12. Bali, Indonesia
13. Chicago, the US
14. Kerala, India
15. Berlin, Germany
16. Sydney, Australia
17. Melbourne, Australia
18. Madrid, Spain
19. Delhi, India
20. Medellin, Colombia
21. Rajasthan, India
22. Las Vegas, the US
23. Abu Dhabi, UAE
24. Lima, Peru
25. Tokyo, Japan
26. Vancouver, Canada
27. Singapore, Singapore
28. Montreal, Canada
29. Vienna, Austria
30. Maldives, Maldives
31. Moscow, Russia
32. Bogota, Colombia
33. Boston, the US
34. Seoul, South Korea
35. Jaipur, India
36. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
37. Seattle, the US
38. Marseille, France
39. Cancun, Mexico
40. Milan, Italy
41. Goa, India
42. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
43. Santiago, Chile
44. Bangkok, Thailand
45. Dublin, Ireland
46. Doha, Qatar
47. San Francisco, the US
48. Sao Paulo, Brazil
49. Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago
50. Cairo, Egypt

(Writer: Nabilla Ramadhian | Editor: Ni Nyoman Wira Widyanti)

Source: https://travel.kompas.com/read/2021/07/21/114156927/50-destinasi-wisata-terpopuler-di-tiktok-indonesia-urutan-berapa.


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