April 4, 2021, 03.09 AM
Bukit Doa Rhema or also known as Dove Hill, Chicken Church, or Bird Church, which is located in Magelang, Central Java. KOMPAS.COM/SILVITA AGMASARIBukit Doa Rhema or also known as Dove Hill, Chicken Church, or Bird Church, which is located in Magelang, Central Java.

KOMPAS.com - The Borobudur temple near the city of Magelang might be the most iconic major structure in Central Java, as it draws people throughout Indonesia and the rest of the world. But the Buddhist edifice is by no means the only structure in the area.

Looming out from a forest like Borobudur once did prior to its rediscovery by British colonial administrator Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles is a crumbling church on top of a hill.

Shaped like a chicken, the structure looked comical compared to Borobudur's stark grandeur, though the two structures are only 20 minutes apart.

While some locals called the church Gereja Ayam or Chicken Church due to its resemblance to the bird from head to tail, this might be a misnomer, as others noted the building's similarity to a dove. As it turned out, the latter guess is correct.

Inspired by inner spiritual turmoil

The man behind the structure is Daniel Alamsjah, a devout if eccentric Christian. "I built [the Gereja Ayam] after I received a holy vision which inspired me to create a prayer house for all people of all faiths in the form of a dove," he recalled. 

"After I did my nightly prayers and slept, I received a vision of a dove with snow-white wings, resting at the top of a hill. A disembodied voice directed me to build the house of worship there." But then reality bites when he awoke, and he dismissed the vision as a hallucination.

Yet the vision never went away, as it coincided with "an inner spiritual struggle as the vision occurred and directed me to build a prayer house on a hill that I never visited," the 77-year old said in an interview with National Geographic Indonesia.

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"I prayed all night to understand the vision, until I got a revelation that I had to build a prayer house there." 


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