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February 1, 2021, 03.00 PM – An academic from the Sumatra Institute of Technology or Itera have moved to dispel rumors about the medical benefits of meteor infused waters, after a meteorite fell in Lampung province’s Lampung Tengah regency last week on Thursday, January 28.

One of the investigators of the Lampung meteor, Itera Astronomy Observatory in Lampung or OAIL researcher Robiatul Muztaba, urged the public to refrain from believing allegations that meteor infused waters can cure illnesses.

“We have yet to verify if the water infused with the rocks can treat or cure diseases, so it is best not to jump to conclusions” said Robiatul, days after he investigated the Lampung meteor.

“Meteors often contain unknown metals. Often we do not know whether they are radioactive or not.”

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 Robiatul warned the public to expect the worst, if the rock is proven to be radioactive.

“The radioactive nature of the metal would make using water infused with the meteor a health hazard. Among the risks [that the user] faces is cancer,” added the lecturer in Atmospheric Science and Planetary Studies to on Sunday, January 31.

Robiatul’s warning comes as neighbors of Katmini alias Munjilah, the resident of Astomulyo village whose house was damaged by the meteor, converged in the area to gather rock samples from the object.

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“The locals came after rumors that if one put the meteor rocks in an aquarium, then pour water over it, they should use the liquid because of its medical properties,” asserted Edi, a local official.

Baca berita tanpa iklan. Gabung

Baca berita tanpa iklan. Gabung
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